Idaho Solar Battery Backup

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Keep Your Lights on With a Solar Backup Battery

Tired of power outages leaving you in the dark? Penta Electric installs reliable home battery backup systems that will keep your lights on during an outage. 

We professionally install high-capacity batteries integrated with solar panel systems so your Idaho home or business can stay powered when disconnected from the grid.

We do Residential and Commercial Solar Battery Installation

Penta Electric custom designs solar-charged home battery backup systems in Idaho

Residential Solar Battery Backup

Are you looking to add solar panels to your home or business? We can help you find an affordable solar solution for your needs.

Commercial Solar Battery Backup

Do you need an experienced solar installer for your project? Our team is capable of handling any job, big or small.

Keep Your Lights on With a Battery Backup

When power outages strike, battery backup keeps your home running seamlessly. Penta Electric specializes in installing intelligent residential solar battery systems that store and provide electricity around the clock.

Benefits of Home Battery Backup Include:

  • Uninterrupted power – Ride through multi-day blackouts with ease
  • Energy resiliency – Reduce reliance on the grid’s unpredictable power
  • Electric savings – Tap into your stored energy when rates are high
  • Clean energy – Use renewable solar energy stored in your batteries
  • Added value – Battery storage increases a home’s worth

Contact Penta Electric today to discuss creating a solar-charged battery backup system for your home. Keep essential circuits or your entire electrical system powered up during utility outages.

Residential EV Charging in Garage with Solar Panels and Solar Battery

We offer battery backup options to meet your household’s needs:


Partial Home Backup – Critical Circuits Only

Keep essentials like lights, refrigeration, internet and phones powered. We install a smaller battery bank tied to a limited number of key appliance circuits. Sized for extended runtime during emergencies.

Whole Home Backup

For full home coverage, our larger battery banks can provide backup power to your entire electrical system – giving you normal usage of all circuits until utility power returns.

Off-Grid Solar Battery Systems

For zero reliance on the grid, we can create an off-grid solar + battery system sized to power your full home independently using the sun’s energy.

Custom Solar Battery Design

Our Idaho solar pros analyze your home’s power needs and recommend the optimal battery capacity and solar array design for your situation. We install top-tier batteries like Tesla Powerwall to store and supply renewable energy around the clock.

Get Started With Your Solar Battery Project.

Keep Your Business Open When The Power Goes Out

Power outages can bring business operations to a halt. Ensure continuity for your company with a commercial solar battery backup system from Penta Electric. We install intelligent battery storage solutions to provide reliable power when the grid fails.

Systems Tailored to Your Needs

  • Critical load backup for vital circuits only
  • Comprehensive protection with whole building backup
  • Large capacity systems for factories and industrial sites
  • Grid-tied or completely off-grid setups

High Quality Commercial Backup Batteries

  • Long 10,000+ cycle life
  • High efficiency and fast recharging
  • Compact footprint
  • Automated battery management

Don’t lose thousands from power disruptions. Contact Penta Electric for a free assessment of your facility’s battery backup needs. We’ll recommend the right solar-charged battery solution to maintain seamless operations.

Commercial battery backup system with solar panels

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Idaho Solar Battery Installation


How long do solar batteries last?

Quality lithium iron phosphate batteries can last 10-15 years and over 10,000 cycles. We use top brands with long warranties. With proper maintenance, you can expect reliable backup power for years to come.

How is battery capacity measured?

Capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The larger the kWh, the more electricity the batteries can store and deliver. A 10kWh battery could power a standard home for up to 10 hours.

What size battery bank do I need?

Battery sizing depends on your critical power needs, and whether you want partial or whole home/building backup. We assess your specific electrical loads and recommend the ideal battery system.

Can I install batteries without solar panels?

Yes, you can install just a battery bank however you would not get the benefits of solar self-generated power. We recommend combining batteries with solar panels for round-the-clock clean energy.

What are the batteries made of?

We use lithium iron phosphate batteries for maximum performance. This safe, durable chemistry lasts 3 times longer than conventional lead-acid batteries.

How are the batteries connected?

Batteries are wired together in a bank to reach the needed system voltage and capacity. Each bank connects via an inverter/charger to panels, generators, and electrical loads.

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