New Construction Electrical Services

Work with Southern Idaho’s Best New Construction Electricians

Building a new house or commercial property is exciting. You get to turn your vision into reality. But you need the right team in place to get all the details exactly right, especially the electrical systems.

That’s where Penta Electric comes in. We’ve worked on hundreds of residential and commercial new construction projects in Meridian, Boise, and surrounding areas. Our team has the experience to consult and install modern, efficient, comfortable electrical systems tailored to your needs.

We are Idaho’s Leading New Construction Electricians

Penta Electric is Meridian Idaho’s trusted electrician for residential and commercial new construction projects. We handle the entire process professionally, safely, and efficiently.

Residential New Construction

Building a new home? Partner with Penta Electric for expert electrical installation, modern systems, and lighting designed around your lifestyle.

Commercial New Construction

Constructing a new commercial building? The experienced commercial electricians at Penta Electric handle all your power, lighting, and technology wiring needs.

Your Dream Home Starts with the Right Electrical System

Building a new custom home is incredibly exciting. You get to make every design choice to perfectly fit your family’s lifestyle. One of the most important decisions is choosing the right electrical contractor. The electrical system impacts everything from lighting design to smart home tech to energy efficiency and safety.

      • Work with you and your builder early in the process to design the electrical plan
      • Recommend the ideal, cost-effective mix of lighting, switches, outlets, panels, and wiring
      • Provide smart home automation options like voice controls, lighting scenes, and home security
      • Use only high-quality materials that meet Idaho building codes
      • Handle all needed permits and inspections
      • Coordinate with other contractors onsite
      • Train you on your new electrical systems and lighting

If you’re building new homes in Meridian, Boise, Eagle, Star, or anywhere in the Souther Idaho, contact us today for a free estimate. Our new construction electrical experts are standing by ready to help. 

Residential EV Charging in Garage with Solar Panels and Solar Battery

Get started With Your New Construction Project

Use Penta Electric for your Commercial New Construction Projects

We know wiring a new commercial building comes with its own set of challenges and demands. You need more than just a residential electrician. At Penta Electric, our commercial electricians in Idaho have decades of combined experience on retail, office, industrial, and other commercial projects. Here’s how we deliver:

      • Heavy Duty Systems – We install electrical systems suited for the unique needs and usage of commercial spaces.
      • Lighting Design – We help you design interior and exterior lighting to create ambiance and highlight your brand.
      • Code Expertise – We handle all permits and ensure compliance with Idaho commercial electrical codes.
      • Planning & Budgeting – Our experts work with you to create a budget-friendly phased electrical plan for the full buildout.
      • Problem Solving – We coordinate with architects, contractors, and other subs to solve problems creatively as they arise.
      • Data & Comms – We wire your building for phones, high speed internet, audiovisual, and surveillance systems.

Whether your new commercial project is in Meridian, Boise, or another Southern Idaho city, Penta Electric has the experience to handle the job. Call us today for quotes on all your commercial new construction electrical needs.

Residential EV Charging in Garage with Solar Panels and Solar Battery

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Idaho New Construction Services


Residential New Construction  Electricial Services

How early should I get my residential electrician involved?

Contact us as soon as possible! We can review initial building plans and provide recommendations right from the start. New construction goes smoother when we can plan the electrical together from the beginning.

How can you determine how many circuits, outlets etc I’ll need?

Based on the home’s square footage and floor plan, we can calculate the number of circuits and outlets required per code and to meet your needs conveniently. Things like large appliances and electric vehicles influence these needs too.

Will you handle obtaining electrical permits?

Yes. Once the plans are finalized, we’ll submit forms and pull all required permits for new residential electrical work so inspections go smoothly.

What new electrical trends do you recommend?

EV chargers, whole home surge protectors, LED lighting, wired for solar power & battery backup, wiring for audiovisual, and flexible smart home tech are all popular options we recommend considering.

What type of lighting should I install?

The lighting possibilities are endless! We’ll help design the perfect lighting plan using LED bulbs for efficiency. Accent, task, ambient, outdoor lighting – we handle it all.

Commercial New Construction Electrical Services

When should I bring a commercial electrician into the project?

Contact us as soon as possible! We can provide value engineering input on building plans to optimize and potentially lower electrical costs from the start.

How do you handle permitting and compliance?

We’ll pull all required permits and arrange inspections by local authorities. Our work always meets Idaho commercial electrical codes and best practices.

What electrical load will my building require?

Based on the usage, size and systems, we’ll calculate the service and loads required. We right size electrical so you have plenty of capacity for current and future needs.

How can I lower my energy costs?

We optimize energy efficiency in the lighting, HVAC integration, programmable systems, and technologies we recommend and install. We can also help you with a solar or backup battery system for your property.

How do I provide reliable backup power?

We can install backup generators or battery systems. We also recommend installing surge protectors and isolation transformers for maximized uptime.

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