Solar Panel Installation

Solar Array installed in a field

Trust Penta Electric for your Solar Installation

When you choose us as your solar installer, you can feel confident knowing we will handle your project with the utmost expertise from start to finish. We take care of all the details. Our certified installers adhere to best practices and industry standards so your system will be set up for optimal efficiency and results.

We do Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Penta Electric is Meridian Idaho’s trusted electrician for solar panel installation and repair. 

New Solar Panel Projects

Are you looking to add solar panels to your home or business? We can help you find an affordable solar solution for your needs.

Solar Panel Installation Services

Do you need an experienced solar installer for your project? Our team is capable of handling any job, big or small.

Go Solar with Confidence

Are you considering going solar? Penta Electric is Meridian’s top solar energy contractor. We professionally design and install solar panels for homes and businesses. With over 15 years of experience, we simplify the transition to clean, renewable solar power.

Solar Electric Systems Tailored to Your Needs

We custom designs each solar installation to match your home or facility. We evaluate factors like:

  • Energy usage and electric bills
  • Roof/property size and layout
  • Applicable rebates and tax credits
  • Future energy needs and EV charging
  • Budget

We use this information to engineer an appropriately sized solar system using high-efficiency panels and microinverters. We have experience with all types of installations including ground mounts, pole mounts, flat roof mounts, and tracking systems.

Throughout the process, we ensure minimal disruption to your home or business. Our in-house teams handle all aspects of your solar project.

Residential EV Charging in Garage with Solar Panels and Solar Battery

Financial Incentives Make Going Solar Very Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of choosing solar today is the availability of significant cost savings:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit – You can claim 30% of your solar installation costs back as a tax credit when you file. This saves you thousands.
  • Local Utility Rebates – Idaho Power offers a rebate up to $6,000 when you install a solar system. We’ll ensure you maximize available rebates.
  • Low-Interest Loans – We help arrange solar loans with low interest rates. This spreads costs over time with manageable payments.
  • Net Metering – With solar you get bill credits from Idaho Power for excess power sent to the grid. This offsets nighttime energy use.
  • Property Value Increase – Going solar can add to your home’s value, making it an excellent investment.

With incentives factored in, installing solar through Penta Electric yields a short payback period and years of free electricity. Contact us to learn just how affordable solar can be.

Get Started With Your Solar Power Project.

Trust Penta Electric for Professional Solar Installations

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced solar panel installer? As Idaho’s premier solar contractor, Penta Electric will take care of your customers. We offer professional solar panel installation for residential and commercial properties.

  • Installation – Our crews professionally install your solar array on site – whether roof, ground, pole or carport mounted.
  • Electrical connections – We safely wire the panels and integrate with your home’s electrical system.
  • Testing and inspection – We verify system performance and arrange for city inspection and sign-off.
  • Documentation and training – We provide system manuals, monitoring access, and operation training.

Why Choose Penta Electric for Your Installation?

With so many new solar companies around, you have options for installation. Here’s why companies consistently choose us:

  • Locally owned and operated – We’re part of the community and take pride in our workmanship.
  • Strong safety record – We adhere to strict safety protocols on all our job sites to protect homes and crews.
  • In-house teams – Our own employees (not subcontractors) handle every phase, from permitting to inspection.
  • Responsiveness – We answer questions promptly and keep you informed through the installation.

Contact us today to learn how our solar installation services can help you with your next solar project. 

Residential EV Charging in Garage with Solar Panels and Solar Battery

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Idaho Solar Installation Services


We get many common questions from Meridian residents and business owners who are interested in having us install EV chargers. Here are some of the key topics that come up:

How much space do solar panels require?

Solar arrays vary in size based on energy needs. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need about 100 square feet for each 1-2kW generated. Ground mounts require more space than roof systems. We design layouts to maximize production given your usable area.

When is the best time of year to install solar?

Late spring to early fall is ideal for installation in Idaho, when weather is mildest. We can install year-round but avoid winter due to snow, ice, and shorter days. Aim to have your system operational before summer’s peak loads.

How long does installation take?

The full process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Solar equipment shipping adds 2-3 weeks. Permits can take up to 4 weeks. And the physical install takes 2-3 full workdays, sometimes longer for large or complex projects.

What incentives are available for solar panels?

Thanks to the federal solar tax credit, you can save 30% of system costs. Additional Idaho incentives include utility rebates and net metering programs. We help identify and maximize incentives to reduce your price.

Will solar work on cloudy days?

Yes! Solar panels still produce energy on cloudy and shady days. Solar systems are designed to provide power year-round, even when sunlight levels drop in winter. High-efficiency panels make the most of available light.

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